Tunisia travel advice

Tunisia is going through a period of political transition following the 2011 revolution, and has experienced protests in the post revolutionary period. After months of political stalemate and heightened tensions, a new constitution was agreed in January 2014 and a new technocratic government was appointed. A State of Emergency, which had been in place since January 2011, was lifted on 5 March.

There is a possibility of further protests. These are not normally aimed against foreigners, but international events can trigger anti-western demonstrations.

There were reports of violent clashes over the weekend of 30 May to 1 June between an armed group and security forces in Fernana (in the governorate of Jendouba). No arrests were reported.

On 25 May, security forces arrested 16 individuals with explosives near the southern border with Libya. In a press statement the Minister of the Interior announced that the group had plans to attack industrial sites and tourist areas. During the night of 27 May, gunmen attacked a house belonging to the Minister of the Interior in Kasserine, killing 4 policemen.

There is a general threat from terrorism, including kidnapping. The FCO advise against travel to some areas of southern Tunisia and near to the border with Libya and Algeria due to the threat from terrorism.