Diplomatic Security Course 2014

18 August 2014 – Sweden

Official website: ISA Academy

Course Description
The ISA Academy’s Diplomatic Protection Course (BTP Close Protection Training Program) meets and exceeds the international standards of Diplomatic Security Service Training and is designed to ensure that the knowledge and skills are developed that will enable each operative to effectively discharge their complex responsibilities. The “BTP Course” provides an intensive instruction for attendees at the ISA Academy®.

Your training will be spent practicing and studying a wide variety of tactical, protective and security related topics. The ISA Academy® curriculum also includes intensive training in defensive tactics, practical exercises and the use of firearms. Several tests will be administrated in all areas to monitor the progress of each attendee.

The ISA Academy’s “BTP Course” is recognized as one of the finest and most respected close protection training courses in the world today, and is often attended by police officers, law enforcement, close protection and security personnel from all over the world.

* CP Officers’ Duties
* Protocol
* 1st Aid
* International Law
* Terrorist MO
* Vehicle Search
* Threat Assessment
* Risk Analysis
* Advance Reconnaissance
* Route Selections
* Security Planning
* Residential Security
* Specialist Equipment
* Counter Surveillance Measures
* Close Protection Formations
* Communication Psychology
* Work Ethics
* Quick Response Techniques
* Disarming Techniques
* Unarmed Combat
* Vehicle Tactics
* Enbus & Debus Techniques
* Firearms Safety
* STSC Handgun Techniques
* Applied SF Shooting
* Basic I.E.D. & E.O.D. Awareness
* Bomb Security and Procedures
* Hotel Security
* Search Techniques
* Applied OODA Techniques

Regionally Scheduled BTP Course Dates
All BTP Close Protection Training Programs offered are all-inclusive, fully residential training courses. Please be aware of the limited slots available on each BTP Course, early enrolment is strongly recommended!

To download the full 6 page brochure including; dates, locations, price, and application form to the BTP Close Protection Training Program, please follow this link: http://www.isaacademy.com/flash/ProBTP.pdf

Fill out the online application form available at: http://www.isaacademy.com/admission/