Yemen travel warning

We advise against all travel to Yemen and strongly urge westerners to leave now. If you don’t leave the country now while commercial carriers are still flying it is extremely unlikely that your government will be able to evacuate you or provide consular assistance.

There is a high threat from terrorism throughout Yemen. Terrorists continue to threaten further attacks. There is a very high threat of kidnap from armed tribes, criminals and terrorists.

Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula has previously targeted western interests and there could be a threat to diplomatic missions, commercial sites, transport infrastructure and any place where westerners gather. See Terrorism.

The situation in Yemen remains volatile with continuing unrest and violent clashes. The threat of an escalation of violence and disorder remains. At the end of October 2013 there was a significant outbreak of hostilities between the Huthi movement and the Salafi community in the Dammaj area of northern Yemen, with significant numbers of casualties. If you travel to Yemen against our advice, you should regularly reassess your security and plan any movements around the country carefully. The provision of close security protection and/or a military escort is extremely important for those working and moving around in Yemen.

On 6 October 2013, a German national was shot and killed outside a supermarket in the Hadda district of Sana’a. Whilst it is not yet known who was behind the attack, you are reminded of the ongoing threat against foreigners and are strongly advised to avoid places frequented on a regular basis by foreign nationals.

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