Yemen travel advice

If you travel to Yemen, you should regularly reassess your security arrangements and carefully plan your movements. Avoid routine, vary your travel routes, and keep a low profile at all times. You should take security advice from the host government and/or competent security experts before any travel within the country. Close security protection and/or a military escort are extremely important. In the event of a further deterioration of the security situation, routes in and out of Sana’a and the other major cities may become blocked and airports closed or inaccessible at little or no notice. You should check your routes in advance of travelling. Don’t advertise your travel or other plans through social media.

on 5 November 2014, two foreign nationals were shot at a Houthi checkpoint in south Sana’a, killing one and wounding the other

on 5 May 2014, 2 French nationals were shot in Sana’a killing 1 and seriously injuring the other

on 28 April 2014 a German was shot and injured in Sana’a

on 18 January 2014 an Iranian national was shot and killed in Sana’a

on 15 December a Japanese national was seriously injured during a car-jacking in Sana’a

on 26 November, 2 Belarusian nationals were shot dead outside their hotel in the Al Sabeen district of Sana’a

on 6 October 2013, a German national was shot and killed outside a supermarket in the Hadda district of Sana’a

On 27 September a light anti-tank weapon was fired at a military checkpoint in the area of a building belonging to the US Embassy. There were no casualties. There is an ongoing threat against foreigners and you are strongly advised to avoid places frequented by foreign nationals and to avoid travelling in an insecure and visible way.