Ukraine travel advice

Russian forces and pro-Russian groups have established full operational control in Crimea. An illegal referendum was held on 16 March and tensions remain high.

Flights in and out of Simferopol airport are subject to disruption. Ukrainian International Airlines have cancelled all flights to and from Simferopol until 29 April. If you’re using this route, you should stay in touch with your airline.

Train and bus routes out of the peninsula are still operating, though subject to unscheduled disruptions. There are reports of road blocks, with passengers being searched but traffic is able to get through. If you’re currently visiting or living in Crimea, you should leave now. If you choose to remain, you should keep a low profile, avoid areas of protest or stand-off and stay indoors where possible.

Given reports of fatalities in a recent incident there and significantly heightened tensions more generally in the town, we also advise against all travel to Slovyansk (north of Donetsk).

You should take great care and remain vigilant throughout Ukraine. Those choosing to travel to Kharkiv, Donetsk, Lugansk, Slovyansk and Mariupol should be aware that there have recently been violent clashes in these areas, including some fatalities. Other clashes have occurred in Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa and Mykolaiyv. Such incidents have reduced considerably but could occur again at short notice. You should avoid all demonstrations and public gatherings.

The situation in Kyiv and other Western cities has calmed considerably following months of violent protest during which nearly 100 people were killed, though occasional non-violent public demonstrations continue in and around Independence Square, St Michael’s Square and outside Verkhovna Rada (parliament buidling).