Tunisia travel advice

Tunisia is going through a tense political transition following the 2011 revolution. 14 December will be a key date for the transitional process. It is likely that demonstrations will be called on or around this date and there may be clashes between rival groups, or between protestors and the police.

Demonstrations are also likely to be held around the country to mark 17 December and 14 January, which are anniversaries of important events during the revolution.

Protests are not normally aimed against foreigners, but international events can trigger anti-western demonstrations. A State of Emergency has been in place since January 2011.

There is a general threat from terrorism, including kidnapping. You should exercise particular caution in areas of southern Tunisia south of the towns of Touzer and Gabes, and avoid travelling to areas near the border with Libya and Algeria due to the threat from terrorism.

There has been a recent increase in terrorist activity in Tunisia, including an explosion on the beach next to the Riadh Palm Hotel in the tourist zone in Sousse on 30 October. The only reported casualty was the individual carrying explosives. On the same day two other individuals found with explosives at the Borguiba Mausoleum in Monastir were arrested.

The possibility of further attacks, including in the coastal resorts, can’t be ruled out.

You should be vigilant, keep up to date with this travel advice, and follow the advice of the local authorities and your tour operator.

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