Red Cross Deploys Delegates to Assist Typhoon Haiyan Response

Red Cross volunteers throughout the region are reporting significant damage and a growing death toll…

Typhoon Haiyan swept across the central Philippines on Friday leaving a trail of massive destruction in its wake. With sustained winds reported at over 145 miles per hour, and significantly stronger gusts, Haiyan was the second category 5 typhoon to strike the Philippines this year.

Red Cross volunteers throughout the region are reporting significant damage and a growing death toll, while the full extent of the devastation has yet to unfold since many areas are still inaccessible. The American Red Cross is in close contact with our counterparts in the Philippines and has placed emergency response teams on standby.

The American Red Cross is deploying two people to assist with assessments in the Philippines. The Red Cross has also activated its family tracing services. If you are looking for a missing family member in the Philippines, please remember that many phones lines are down. Please continue trying. If you are still unable to reach them, you can contact your local chapter of the American Red Cross to initiate a tracing case.

Although the eye of the storm did not make landfall on the Island of Bohol, severe weather and heavy rains accompanying the typhoon have worsened the humanitarian situation for survivors of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck in mid-October. With their homes damaged or destroyed, approximately 270,000 people in Bohol are living in makeshift shelters.

Haiyan continues its trek across the South China Sea and is expected to make landfall in central Vietnam, causing extensive damage in the same areas where thousands of people were left homeless following Typhoons Wutip and Nari. The American Red Cross currently has a volunteer on the ground in Vietnam assisting with the relief efforts from the previous storms.

Nearly 1 million people stayed in evacuation shelters during Haiyan’s landfall. Red Cross volunteers and staff disseminated early warning messages and safety tips through the network of Red Cross branches in areas along the typhoon’s path. Emergency responders and volunteers have been mobilized to support rescue efforts. Food and other relief items have been pre-positioned throughout the Philippines and thousands of hot meals have been provided to survivors.

To support relief efforts in the Philippines you can mail a check to your local American Red Cross chapter designating Philippines Typhoons and Flood in the memo line.

via Red Cross Deploys Delegates to Assist Typhoon Haiyan Response.