Possible super typhoon may hit Philippines on Thursday

US Navy’s typhoon warning center sees coming super typhoon outside Philippines. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center of the United States Navy said in a forecast Tuesday morning that the next cyclone approaching the Philippines could have peak near-center winds of 130 knots and gusts of 160 knots when it hits the country late Thursday or early Friday.

US Navy/JTWC. Weather forecasters have advised residents of the Bicol and Eastern Visayas regions to prepare for a cyclone approaching from the east that may have the makings of a super typhoon.

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA defines a “super typhoon” as having maximum sustained winds of 234 kph or more. The US Joint Typhoon Warning Center JTWC said Tuesday morning that the cyclone, internationally codenamed Haiyan, may grow progressively more powerful until at least Nov. 7, Thursday.

On Tuesday morning CNN made a forecast that Haiyan could be at super typhoon strength by the time it strikes the central Philippines. The CNN forecast said the super typhoon could hit the Bicol region.GMA News’ resident meteorologist Nathaniel Cruz shared with GMA News Online on Tuesday that as early as now, disaster preparedness officials must advise residents of Bicol and Eastern Visayas that Haiyan could hit their areas at typhoon strength at the very least.

PAGASA defines a super typhoon as one having maximum winds greater than 200 kph.

via Possible super typhoon may hit PHL on Thursday | Weather | GMA News Online.