Philippines travel advice

A 24-year-old Chinese woman was taken to the Caloocan Medical Center after she jumped from a speeding taxi minutes after the taxi driver and his accomplice robbed her Sunday night.

Zhao Leng Huz, in broken English, told police she took the taxi at around 10:30 p.m. from a mall in Pasay City and asked the driver to take her north of Manila.

She said the driver suddenly stopped at an intersection she cannot identify and a man joined her at the backseat. Zhao said the man blindfolded her and started hitting her.

Upon reaching C3 Road, she said she was able to jump and although the robbers initially tried to drag her back, they sped away with her money and valuables.

Bystanders took her to the hospital, according to Zhao.

Safety Tips When Riding a Taxi in Manila

  1. Write down the license plate number
  2. Use only reputable taxi companies
  3. Get taxi from line at reputable establishments
  4. Know your directions and stick to the route
  5. Make sure the meter is turned on
  6. Lock your doors
  7. Whenever possible, go in groups
  8. Stash most of your cash somewhere else than in your wallet
  9. Do not display high value items or large amounts of cash
  10. Know the emergency numbers in case you would need them