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Maycotte Monica Jurado, former daughter in law of Vicente Fox, was kidnapped Wednesday  morning (Wed. 4/29) in San Miguel de Allende, federal security sources confirmed on Thursday.

Early reports indicate that the abduction occurred after she left her daughters at the school José Vasconcelos, in that municipality.

Monica, ex-wife of Manuel Bribiesca, son of Marta Sahagun and stepson of former President Fox, was traveling in a van and was intercepted by another vehicle while driving down the street Camino Real de Queretaro.Federal and Guanajuato government sources said the kidnapping might have involved a  well-organized high level gang.

One hypothesis is that it would be the same group  that kidnapped Diego Fernandez de Cevallos, in May 2010, in the State of Queretaro and businessman Eduardo Garcia Valseca, in 2007, also in San Miguel de Allende.There are not many other details available at this point.

The first press reports of the kidnapping were published early today in smaller regional news media.  We searched for more details and later in the day the major media outlets started reporting it, but basically the exact same story above.

There was one report that her ex-husband said he had asked the PGR to join the state police in investigating her abduction.  There are no reports or explanations who posited or why the hypothesis that the kidnappers might be the same group that in 2010 kidnapped Diego Fernandez, a high ranking PAN politician and former Presidential candidate or the kidnapping of Eduardo Garcia Valseca  in 2007.