Mali travel advice

The situation in Mali is still unstable. You should remain vigilant in areas where westerners gather following the terrorist attack at the restaurant La Terrasse in the capital Bamako on 6 March 2015 where 5 people were killed, including 2 Europeans, and 9 were injured.

You should maintain a high level of vigilance due to an increased risk of crime and terrorist attacks around Bastille Day (14 July) and the Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations scheduled for 14-18 July at the end of Ramadan. You should maintain several days’ stock of food and water in case disturbances take place. You can monitor daily developments in English through the BBC World Service (88.9 FM in Bamako).

On 10 June there was an attack by armed men on Malian security forces in the town of Misseni, near the border with Ivory Coast. Take extra care if you travel in Sikasso region.