Cameroon travel advice

There is a general threat from terrorism, including kidnapping in Cameroon. The most recent kidnapping, involving a French national, took place on 14 November 2013.  Boko Haram have publicly threatened Cameroon with attacks and further kidnappings.

On 14 May, the Government of Nigeria declared a state of emergency in the states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa. Borno and Adamawa border Cameroon’s Far North, North, and Adamaoua provinces. It is possible that military operations there might have an impact across the border in Cameroon.

There have been attacks on commercial shipping vessels in the Gulf of Guinea, including the coastline of Cameroon around the Douala port. Take great care when travelling in coastal waters.

There has been an increase in violence in the Limbe area of Cameroon and incidents of armed robbery involving taxis hailed from the roadside in Yaoundé.

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