We provide realistic and functional security solutions specifically tailored to the needs of our clients.


Diplomatic and Executive Protection services meeting the highest international security requirements.


Threat assessments, risk mitigation and consultation services featuring total situational awareness.


Exclusive access to one of the most renowned executive security schools in the world. ISA Academy®


Welcome to the official website of International Security Agency

International Security Agency exists to provide advanced security services in high-threat environments, providing discreet protection to dignitaries and corporate clients worldwide.

International Security Agency was formed in 1986, as a global security enforcement agency, primarily structured to provide executive security both overseas and domestically.

The core focus of our commitment is to use our extensive experience in counter terrorism, as well as in public and private security to dynamically structure applications to meet the needs of our clients, creating distinctive, clear, realistic and dynamic solutions.

International Security Agency field offices are located throughout Europe, the United States, Asia, and the Middle East.

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Regional Security Alerts

  • Following an earthquake on 21 October in the area of the Chiles Volcano in Cumbal (Nariño department) on...

  • Large demonstrations are expected to take place in central Rome on Saturday 25 October. You should avoid all...

  • The security situation in Xinjiang remains fragile, and conditions locally can deteriorate rapidly at short notice. At least...

  • On 10 October activists in South Korea released balloons near the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) border containing anti-DPRK leaflets....

  • “Tropical Storm Gonzalo” upgraded to “Hurricane Gonzalo”. Hurricane Gonzalo is forecast to affect parts of the Caribbean including the...

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