Nigeria travel advice

There is a high threat from terrorism in Nigeria. In the past few weeks there have been explosive attacks in Damaturu, Kano, Kaduna, Abuja and Lagos, with multiple casualties. You should avoid public places where crowds gather. A heavy security presence often indicates areas of particularly high risk.

A suspected bomb attack or series of attacks occurred in Kaduna city around midday on 23 July. This, along with the end of Eid due the weekend of 26/27 July, will heighten tensions in the city and possibly elsewhere.

You should be particularly vigilant around religious and public holidays, remain alert, pay attention to your environment and avoid crowds. Further attacks may not be in places previously targeted.

Boko Haram regularly mounts attacks in northern Nigeria. The majority of attacks occur in the north east, particularly in Borno and Yobe states where Boko Haram’s operating base is. There has, however, been a significant number of attacks in other Nigerian states and further attacks could occur anywhere.