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Philippine travel advice

A new contingent of Malaysian peacekeepers will replace on Monday their outgoing compatriots after observing for a year the enforcement of the ceasefire accord between Malacañang and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). The incoming group of foreign ceasefire observers, the International Monitoring Team (IMT) 11, is led by Major Gen. Datuk Wira Zamrose Bin Mohd Zain of the Malaysian Royal Armed Forces.Zain and is men will replace the IMT 10, under Major Gen. Dato Sheik Mokhsin Bin Sheik Hassan.Hassan and his subordinate-compatriots had just completed their year-long ceasefire monitoring mission in flashpoint areas covered by the government-MILF 1997 General Agreement on Cessation of Hostilities. The truce was...
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Belgium travel advice

There have been a number of police raids and arrests in the Brussels region and other Belgian cities in recent weeks. Belgian security operations are likely to be carried out at short notice. If you’re in an affected area you should follow the instructions of the Belgian security authorities. Police have asked the public not to comment on police operations on social media. The Christmas market in Brussels opened on 27 November but with reduced hours and additional security measures in place. Other public events and busy public areas across Belgium are also likely to see additional security. Some public events may be cancelled and some tourist attractions...
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